Where are your plumbing services available?

First Choice Plumbers deliver plumbing services all across Adelaide – in all suburbs! Just give us a call and we will be there at your doorstep in no time!

Are your plumbers qualified enough?

At First Choice Plumber Adelaide we are keen on learning and with more than 20 years of experience, we still wear our learning caps. We keep our plumbers updated with the latest in the industry to deliver the best to our customers. Be it the newest technology, tools, or techniques in plumbing industry – we never leave any stone unturned to stay abreast with the latest. Our plumbers are skilled, experienced, and have all the necessary certification to be called the most reliable plumbers in Adelaide!

Can your plumbing service identify the issue with my Running Toilet?

Definitely, we care there to help you out from this type of issues. In fact, there several reasons causing a running toilet. We need to visit the place to identify the actual cause of Running toilet. There is a chance that your float is damaged. The float is the mechanism that your toilet uses to determine when the tank is full. So when it has become stuck or damaged, it will no longer be able to tell the water to stop. The other reason of the issue may be the tank stopper is damaged. The water will keep flowing into the tank, but it will be impossible to fill.